Romance on Danube

  • Monterey: 195.- Eur / hour / for 2 people
  • Sea Ray: 247.- Eur / hour / for 2 people
  • Romantic packages: Normal:  +39.- Eur ( 1 rose +1 glass of Champagne )  , or Extra: + 70 .- Eur ( 1 bottle of Champagne+ Roses+ Decoration )


Do you plan to propose your Loved Ove, or simply would like to surprise your partner with a special experience? Rent a motorboat with captain!

Choose a restaurant close to the Danube and arrive in style with a motorboat. We help you with organization and table reservation! Naturally, we make preliminary negotiations about docking possibilities.

Wedding programs and theme yachting, because sailing is a lifestyle. For our lives most important moments, we search the most special locations. Whether this is a wedding, engagement, anniversary, date, birthday, or name day, we make it an unforgettable memory.

Our cruising and its program are tailored to your event and your needs. The water, the sun, the waves, and our yacht’s customized theme offer an unforgettable experience for unforgettable moments! It is worth capturing the unique moments, we make a video or take photographs upon request.

If you want to have an unforgettable experience we know the solution! From the motorboat, you can see the city from a point of view as never before! Bring your sweetheart, your family, and your friends. Make wonderful photos of the city! There will be no one else on board, only YOU!

Rent a private boat for romance in summer and in winter!

 Would you like to rent a boat at witer? It is no problem, we recommend KLÁRIS Cruise Ship, which is available throughout the year with its heated interiors. 




  1. Boat rental for 1 hour 
  2. Fuel 
  3. Professional crew
  4. Use of standard port 
  5. Free parking 
  6. All taxes, fees, handling charges, insurance, lifejacket
  7. Easy cancellation

Prices / Ports

⚓ Prestige Yacht Club price:

  • 2 Pers: Monterey: 195.- EUR / Hour
  • 2 Pres: Sea Ray: 247.- EUR / Hour

⚓ Kláris – Dock 40. City Centre Port supplement + 52.- Eur

⚓Evening supplement (19.00-22.00):  + 39.- EUR / Hour

⚓Romantic package supplement: from 39.-Eur Champagne+ Rose+ Decoration


  1. Private! Only with the crew
  2. An unforgettable experience on reasonable price
  3. Not crowded
  4. Budapest from its most beautiful face
  5. Private sightseeing tour in a luxury way
  6. Onboard drinks and snacks available
  7. A tour guide can be pre-ordered
  8.  Hotel transfer upon charge
  9. Foto, video available
  10. Decoration, music as you wish  


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