Szentendre Cruise

  • 1-7 Pres: Sea Ray: 247.- Eur / hour
  • Departure: Prestige Yacht Port


Rent a motorboat for half or a whole day! You still don’t have a program for the weekend? Do you wish for a half or full-day boat ride? Would you like to eat ice cream on the Danube Promenade in Szentendre or Visegrád with your family, and friends or dock on the shore? Do you want to take your partner to a romantic waterfront restaurant, where you would like to arrive in a stylish way by motorboat? Do you fancy having a bath or trying water skiing or Ringo riding?  Rent a private boat! Enjoy the summer beauties of the Danube with us!  We give you a relaxing and unforgettable relaxing experience we offer boat rides to Budapest surroundings, Szentendre os Visegrád or any other agreed locations as well.  Contact us for tailormade quotations and rent country motorboat trips. Adventure, excitement, romance, and speed to the picturesque villages of the Danube Bend, this is our offer for you! 


Szentendre town

Starting from  Budapest we can enjoy even more beautiful, wild and romantic views. Nature and the city show a different face from the water, which you have never seen before. Program possibilities over there arise beyond expectations. Docking in Szentendre you can visit one of the local taverns, wine bars, or ice-cream parlors.

You can take a walk on the Danube promenade or visit some well-known museums. The spots are within a few minutes’ walking distances from the port. Szentendre is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Budapest. It is a small baroque town built on medieval ruins. There are many facilities, including souvenir shops, restaurants, museums, and Skanzen, which is an open-air ethnographic museum. Szentendre is also known as the Artist’s Village. The boat operates as a private yacht during the period of renting and is only for your disposal!  If you want an unforgettable experience, we know the solution! 


Visegrád and Danube bend

Visegrád is a synthesis of the past, present, and future. At one time the border of the Roman Empire, the “limes”, ran These spots are within a few minutes’ walking distances from the port. These programs are available in the evening as well, when you have the chance to admire the sunset covering the water and the city in shine. Plan a longer program including bathing or water sports, this section of the Danube offers numerous beautiful shores.  



You can also try water sports on selected sections of the Danube. All those who love to do sports can enjoy water skiing, Ringo riding, and water tubing ( douts ). We provide sports and protective equipment free for you. What is Ringo riding? The water Ringo or water tube is basically a huge inflatable sporting device, which is pulled by a sufficiently strong motorboat, hops, and speeds on its waves. This extreme experience lets you feel the water in the best possible way as you will be rushing over it from only a few centimeters. The adventure is made unforgettable for everyone by the proximity of the water, the speed, and the waves generated by the boat. Ringo riding is a lifetime experience for kids and adults as well. The more adventurous ones can choose the sportier solo Ringo, while the less courageous kids can enjoy the experience in a double Ringo, which feels like sitting on a comfy couch.  You can kneel, lie or sit on the Ringo. One thing is sure: this will be the adventure of your life! It is worth capturing the experience, we make a video or take photographs upon request.  


“Kind, careful driver and well maintained motorboat! Pleasant mood on Danube 😉 Ani Ta “




  1. One hour boat rental 
  2. Fuel 
  3. Professional crew
  4. Use of standard port 
  5. Free parking 
  6. All taxes, fees, handling charges, insurance, lifejacket
  7. Easy cancellation

Prices / Ports

⚓Departure:  Prestige Yacht Club


  • 1-7 Pers: Searay 247.- EUR / Hour
  • Docking in Szentendre: 65 .- Eur / Hour 


  1. Private! Only with the crew
  2. An unforgettable experience on reasonable price
  3. Not crowded
  4. Budapest from its most beautiful face
  5. Private sightseeing tour in a luxury way
  6. Onboard drinks and snacks available
  7. A tour guide can be pre-ordered
  8.  Hotel transfer upon charge
  9. Foto, video available
  10. Decoration, music as you wish 



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