Dear Customer,

Thank you for your kind interest in our services.

All customers are important to us, so our offer is tailor made for you. 

In our offer we set the exact departure time and address, the price and the individual requirements.

Please contact us in any of the following contact details:

  • +36 30/ 585 0649 (event organization, marketing) ENGLISH SPEAKING OPERATOR
  • +36 70/ 773 81 06 (gift vouchers, marketing)
  • Email:

Departure/ Arrival:

1. Prestige Yacht port :1138 Budapest, Meder u.9. ( Marina bound ) map:

2. City exclusive port: 1137 Budapest, Carl Lutz rakpart 29. (Kláris boat ) 1137 Budapest, Carl Lutz rakpart 29. map:




Our programs depart from an arranged on a preliminary agreed venue.

We are pleased to inform our esteemed guests, that we are not assembling you with foreigners. The boat operates as private yacht during the period of renting and is only for your disposal!

If you want to have an unforgettable experience, we know the solution!